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BBC ‘invaders’ get into Facebook HQ

Two YouTubers have filmed themselves sneaking into Facebook’s UK headquarters.

They climbed over a gate before walking around the London office in areas which are normally open to staff only.

During the video Trikkstar zooms in on desks at main reception where staff are seemingly unaware of him and a friend.

At the end of the clip he claims security “tried to catch us” and that they were followed outside.

security staff

Image caption The pair claim staff didn’t notice they were there

The clip seemingly shows them deciding to leave before they’re noticed and also sees them claiming to “eat and drink a lot” when they were in the building “because everything’s free here”.

When filming a pool table with the Facebook logo on it he jokes: “Give this video a like and a thumbs up”.

Newsbeat is awaiting a response from Facebook about the apparent security breach.

inside facebook

Trikkstar also featured in a video of a group of people who gained unauthorised access to a BBC studio during a live event at Broadcasting House in London on 3 March.

Five men entered the studio being used by the BBC News Channel but the intruders were not seen on air.

BBC Broadcasting House newsroom

It is understood the intruders left of their own accord. A BBC spokeswoman said no-one was hurt.

“We take security very seriously and are urgently investigating how several individuals were able to gain access to a studio.

“No one was hurt and there was no interruption to broadcasts.

“We have already taken further security measures and will take any other necessary steps.”

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